Bursary fund

We're passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to realise their greatest potential and believe that adventurous outdoor activity gives children and young people the chance to challenge themselves and discover new skills and abilities.

The Carlton Lodge Bursary Fund has been established to make a positive difference to the lives of children and young people who face barriers to this experience. The fund provides financial support to allow everyone, regardless of their status or background, to take part in the activities at Carlton Lodge.

Primarily, the fund is designed to assist children and young people who face financial hardship or are affected by serious illness, either personally or through a parent / carer. Funding is available to anyone interested in attending Carlton Lodge, though at this stage priority will be given to young people in North Yorkshire and the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Awards from the Carlton Lodge Bursary Fund are currently restricted to a maximum of £50 per individual application and £200 per group application.

If you're interested in applying, give us a call on 01845 522 145 or contact Judith at judith@nyy.org.uk

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